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Our Store

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  • Our Store is a large converted dinner theater filled with all things metaphysical and New Age. 

  • Amazing Selection, HUGE Inventory, Competitive Pricing, Friendly Knowledgable Staff.

  • Thousands of feet of floor and display space. You have to see it to believe it!


  • We carry a wide array of crystals from around the world. Everything from crystal balls and crystal divining rods to crystals in their nearly untouched, natural state can be found throughout our store.

  • If you are curious, perhaps about the availability of a certain mineral, E-mail us.


  • Museum quality specimens, One of a kind Vogel Wands, and Rare Minerals and crystal pendulums.


  • We carry an extraordinary range of jewelry, imported from every corner of the earth.

  • Here is just a sample of some of the gems in our jewelry selection:
    Amber, Quartz, Moldavite, Obsidian,Amythist, Tourmaline, Emerald, Lapis, Aquamarine,
    Ruby, Ajoite, and Labradorite, Opal.



  • Come browse our fantastic selection of books! We carry metaphysical, wiccan, spiritual, eastern religion, cutting edge physics tomes and much more! We are also happy to order books that we do not have stocked if you would like.



  • Our selection of clothing is truly astonishing. You can find everything from T-shirts, jeans & sweaters, to exquisite capes and renaissance clothing. Whether you want casual, ritual or just simply beautiful, chances are we will have something to fit your needs.







  • We carry over three-hundred different types of tarot cards! Whether you are looking for a rather well-known deck, or a much more obscure one, we have tarot cards to match almost anyone's personality. We also have a large selection of tarot guides in case you are new to the skill.



  • Browse our extensive selection of tobacco pipes and products! We carry Chameleon Glass products, Metal pipes and Fixtures, Papers, Rollers, Grinders, Waterpipes, Bubblers, Hookahs and Hookah Tobacco and Herbal Smokes. Other items of interest are Salvia Divinorum extracts, Teas, as well as collectible Zippo lighters.

Pipes & Lighters

Pipes & Lighters

Pipes & Lighers


Pipes & Lighters

Pipes & Lighters

Pipes & Lighters



  • Massive collection of eastern supplies, literature, music, incenses, teas, and Statues.

  • Amber chunks/statues, Buddha, Shiva, Hanuman, Ganesh, Tibetan temple bells, Om Pendants, Singing bowls, tingsha bells, Malas, Prayer wheels.


  • Enormous Collection of Statues and figures.  Pop Culture, Fantasy, Movie, History, Mythology and Modern themed inventory.

  • Sideshow/Weta Studios, NECA, Dragonsite, Windstone, Pocket Dragons, Katherines Collectibles, Tudor Mint, Franklin Mint, Greenwich, Clarecraft, Beswick, Royal Doultan,  Amy Brown, Jessica Galbreth and MORE!

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