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My name is Bill and I opened Enchantments back in 1988. Many years prior to that I worked with computers for Prudential Insurance Co. in Fort Washington, Pa. Although it was exciting back before modems or even electric calculators (yikes!), it was a new frontier and I was mesmerized by the fast advancements I witnessed in my 11 years there.

Being a "child of the 60s", 19 years old in 1969 for Woodstock, totally into the "flower-power" days of the Hippie era, a great impression and a great truth was imbedded into my being ... the fact that "It's ALL about Love" ... and to this day I see that's the path I chose to follow. My time at Prudential grew with responsibilities, the pay was poor and I was in a position to Hire and Fire employees. I wasn't tough skinned enough to deal with this and gradually turned to drink and other substitutes to cover the pain of my reality.

In time I became physically sick and Spiritually lost. By the Grace of God I found AA and my interest in Metaphysics became intense. I left the world of computers and began making friends and finding employment in the Wiccan and Metaphysical circles. Many doors opened and both physical and Spiritual healing came quickly. The time came when I was back on my feet and had to decide whether I should stay in New Hope, Pa. to open my store or move to the "Vacation Land" I loved on the coast of Maine. I chose the latter with no regrets, although my Heart remains in New Hope and on Cape Cod.

I've been Blessed beyond my wildest imaginings and the store has only grown in all aspects since it opened. Now I find I do so much of my own purchasing on the internet that I thought it time to share Enchantments with the world thru this means.

It will take allot of work with some wonderful people and employees helping me. So we'll do our best to begin getting the thousands of items we sell in Enchantments onto our web site so you folks can order items online. Be patient with us and check back often as this will be an ongoing process.

I appreciate each and every one of you who have been and will be so supportive to the business and the wonderful and Blessed Spirits behind all of this.

In Love,
Bill Kirby, Owner

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